Virtual Desktops in Windows using VirtuaWin

Good morning everyone!

I’ve used for the first time today VirtuaWin under Win 7 64-bit and I’m happy to say that it worked well! I downloaded the executable setup from the website, I run it and a small tray icon appeared. I couldn’t figure out how to move a window from one desktop to another but then I opened the setup page and I saw the hotkeys. I modified them (as shown on the screenshot below) and now I have my desktops & shortcuts like in Linux (Ctrl + Alt + <arrow> switches to other desktops and Ctrl + Alt + Shift + <arrow> moves windows to other desktops).


Screenshot of the hotkeys I set up so VirtuaWin behaves like in Linux

Have a nice day & hope this post will help you put an order to your windows 🙂



Pay attention on the details. It matters!

I watched by accident yesterday this TED talk by Rory Sutherland and it changed (at least for now) my view of the “small stuff” or the details. As a developer doing IT consulting as daily job I have hundreds of little tasks on my todo list which I don’t like doing. Some of them are really small changes, like changing the font size somewhere etc, but I never have the appetite to d them. I just find them boring & while there are more “important” things to do I never find time to do any of them.

But yesterday after watching this talk I got inspired and I did some improvements on a data dashboard. Those were small stuff like making the table header scroll down so you it’s always visible or changing the display of dates from “2012-10-25” to “Mon 25/10”.

And you know what? It worked! Today at noon I got this email (see below).

The changes you have made to the dashboard for the data checking is AWESOME!!!!!!

Super Thank you!!!!! :-)

This has of course brought a big smile on my face and a lot of motivation to do more things. Some of them are other small stuff that I would never do.

Enjoy the talk! which very probably you’ll find completely irrelevant to what I wrote above but it worked for me so I want to share it with you 🙂

Alt + Shift + 0 on DWM

I have been using DWM for more than a year & I certainly love this window manager. It’s so lightweight, fast & simple that makes you forget all the features it is missing.

What I discovered today by accident is that you can attach a window to all the tags! Guess how?

Alt + Shift + 0 of course!

Why would that be useful? Well .. for me it’s useful cause I want sometimes to have the browser in all the tags so I can see it when I am looking at the code or when I’m doing some database changes on the terminal. Other reason could be to have an active skype chat all around so that you notice when a person replied.

If you don’t find it useful then you can not use it of course. But I won’t tell you the command how to remove it from all tags 🙂