Connecting to wifi through command line (Lubuntu + DWM)

Hi everyone!

As you might have noticed already, I’m a big fun of DWM and for long time I had issues with wireless. Basically whenever I wanted to change to a different wireless network I had to logout from DWM, login to the Lubuntu’s default desktop manager (not even sure what it’s called) and from there switch to the new wifi. That was kind of annoying, having to close all my open applications just to set up the wifi.

I’ve tried a few times with iwconfig etc to get it working but I never managed to connect to another wifi through command line until today! How did I do that? I used nmcli tool! This seems to be the command line tool of the network manager. Here is the command I used to connect to the wifi network:

sudo nmcli dev wifi connect <wifinetworkname> password <wifipass>

That’s simple isn’t it? Enjoy!

Note: if you want to see what networks are found in range you can use the following simple command:

nmcli connection

Virtual Desktops in Windows using VirtuaWin

Good morning everyone!

I’ve used for the first time today VirtuaWin under Win 7 64-bit and I’m happy to say that it worked well! I downloaded the executable setup from the website, I run it and a small tray icon appeared. I couldn’t figure out how to move a window from one desktop to another but then I opened the setup page and I saw the hotkeys. I modified them (as shown on the screenshot below) and now I have my desktops & shortcuts like in Linux (Ctrl + Alt + <arrow> switches to other desktops and Ctrl + Alt + Shift + <arrow> moves windows to other desktops).


Screenshot of the hotkeys I set up so VirtuaWin behaves like in Linux

Have a nice day & hope this post will help you put an order to your windows 🙂



Finally my first blog entry!

It has been sometime already that I wanted to start blogging about my adventures in the coderland! There were many occasions that I wanted to share what I discovered (nice linux commands, nice code, nice libraries or frameworks etc) but I was always postponing it. Why?

Well .. I wanted to create my own blog! I mean .. code it! As a proud developer I couldn’t just use WordPress (like I did now). But as the time passed by I realised that I’ll never code that awesome blog I was dreaming about so I should better start writing something before it’s too late! Too late for what? Well .. you know .. you forget all those nice things you wanted to share with others. And it’s a pitty 🙂

Ok! Welcome to my blog! I welcome myself too! 😀

Hope you’ll enjoy my future entries!

And I hope I wont get back to that stupid idea of creating my own blog & stop writing here.

See you!