Sublime Text 3 – new code browsing functionality

Just tried today for the first time Sublime Text 3!

It looks quite similar to Sublime Text 2 but it’s a bit faster (though ST2 was fast enough already for me) and has the following features that I fell in love with right away:

  1. Go to definition: Just put the cursor on any function and click F12 (in Windows or Linux). Then ST3 will take you to the function’s definition. If there are more than one, it’ll ask you which one to go to. It’s amazingly helpful feature and I’ll be using it all the time
  2. Jump back & Jump forward: This is the second best feature. Whenever you use Jump to definition (F12) you can use Jump back (Alt+Keypad minus) to get back to the code you were viewing before you jumped to definition. You can also Jump forward using Alt + Shift + Keypad minus.

I actually changed the key bindings to Alt+Left and Alt+Right which I find a bit more intuitive. You can do that by going to “Preferences” -> “Key Bindings – User” and setting the key bindings in a similar way like I did:

	{ "keys": ["alt+left"], "command": "jump_back" },
	{ "keys": ["alt+right"], "command": "jump_forward" }

Hope you will enjoy Sublime Text 3. It’s a really great editor!

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