Gist for my little scripts & configuration files

From time to time I write some scripts to automate tasks. For example, I might write a script to upload some files using POST to a service, or a script to deploy code to a server etc. But not always I can add them to a repository so they are backed up by a version control system. And when the time comes to format my computer I need to go all around & make copies of those scripts.

Sometime ago I discovered Gist offered by Github. Gist allows you to create a repository for storing the contents of one file & keep versions whenever you re-upload it (edit it). And you can do it all through the browser & access those files anywhere and at anytime. This is perfect for backing up your scripts & configuration files. I used Gist for the following:

  • apache & nginx configuration file
  • ~/.bashrc
  • various scripts to do any sorts of tasks
  • nice terminal commands that you can never remember

And I’m planning to add there each little script I write from now and on! But I need to remember every time I modify the script to re-upload it to Gist.

Ok .. that’s all I wanted to write. Not very interesting but really useful! I’m not joking. I just moved to my new laptop & I didn’t need to move any configuration file from my previous computer cause I had them all on Gist 🙂

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