Multi touch works on my new Lubuntu!

Last week I bought a new laptop (Acer V3-571G i7-3630QM/16GB/750/DVD-RW GT640M) and accidentally a friend sent me an email about Lubuntu. So I decided to give it a try 🙂

There are a few things I liked about Lubuntu:

  1. It’s lightweight. It doesn’t have all that gnome stuff that I’m not really using
  2. It has synaptic so I can properly see all the packages (comparing to that Software Center of Ubuntu that doesn’t show me the technical packages I want to install).
  3. It works out of the box. Didn’t have to install any additional drivers for anything (camera, microphone, wifi, graphics card). That’s the same with Ubuntu of course.
  4. Multi touch works! Most probably it works on Ubuntu as well & on other distributions but that’s the first time I have a multi touch mousepad. Therefore I can now scroll up & down with two fingers!! Even right click by tapping with my two fingers! This is super! I feel like I bought a Mac or something 😀
  5. It uses PC Man File Manager which is super fast!

What I didn’t like about Lubuntu:

  1. It looks a bit “old”. Well .. I can’t say much cause I’m using DWM (that’s the first package I installed!) but when I logged in the first time on that Openbox window manager it looked a bit “old”. But it’s ok. If you want to run it on a weaker machine it’s definitely a good option (although I would recommend DWM if you are a coder like me).
  2. Doesn’t come with Open Office (or Libre Office). It has of course Abiword & Gnumeric installed but I’m not sure how feature-full these programs are. Time will show. For now a couple of CSV files I opened worked fine. I wont install Libre Office for now until I really need it.

That’s it about Lubuntu. I’m not super excited about it but I’ll keep it on my PC. The main reason is because I’m using DWM as window manager and Lubuntu offers me PCMan file manager which is super quick & properly configured (icons show correctly etc).

On my previous Ubuntu installation I gave a try to Thunar (another lightweight file manager) but icons weren’t showing properly. Now with Lubuntu & PCMan everything works like a charm!

Ok .. back to work ..

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